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Well it's two days after the wedding and we are still getting adjusted to married life.  We have been facing challenges since our wedding day.  We requested a change of rooms from double beds to a king bed.  Well the first available was on our wedding day.  This well known island hotel checked us out of the room we were in before the other room was available.  My wedding was scheduled to begin at 4 and we didn't get the key to the other room until 3pm.  So everyione should understand my level of madness.  The next came while getting dressed. One of my buttons decided to pop off and the tears were on the brink of coming down again, totally about to ruin a perfect makeup job.  On the way down to the ceremony spot my feet had swollen so i had to take off my very nice wedding shoes and put on slippers.  The ceremony itself was absolutely beautiful.  There is nothing more special than to walk out and see the man of your dreams standing there waiting for you.  The wedding went off without any problems.  In Jamaica, if it rains then your marriage will be blessed. And guess what, as soon as the wedding and sand ceremony ended, while we still under the gazebo, IT PURED DOWN! For about ten straight minutes then it was back beautiful.  We took pictures and the sun started setting.  The pictures were absolutely amazing.  To end it all, we raced back to our room and you can only guess what happened.   YOU GUESSED RIGHT-- WE WERE SO TIRED WE WENT RIGHT TO SLEEP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Well the big day is 11 days away and the panic attacks are getting more frequent! lol  Honestly, this would be so much easier if I had a wedding planner and all of the stress was on them.  But guess what, I don't, so panic attacks it is!!! I know, I'm silly right! lol  But on a serious note, because this is a destination wedding and very budget friendly, I just want to make sure I don't leave out anything. I have done my Santa list and checked it twice so the rest is up to Jesus and his little helper angels he has watching over me.   

Everyone who knows about me and my wedding knows that this is a very inexpensive wedding.  It is on the beach and not a frilly sort of wedding by any means. But as I am sitting here browsing pinterest, I can't help but wonder what "my dream wedding" would entail.  I think I would definitely keep the beach theme because it is beyond beautiful.  I would have the same people in my wedding with a few additions.  Keih would still be my maid of honor. My bridesmaids would be Cynt, Bonita, Kim, and of course Chander.  My colors would be blue with accents of gold. And I don't mean Aliceville Yellow Jackets blue and gold. lol  My vision is simple but chic.  My entrance song would be Because It's Love by Luther Vandross.  Our first dance would be something Love Ballad or We're Going All The Way by Jeffrey Osborne.  I just love old school and this is we would be jamming at my reception.  ALL OLD SCHOOL!!!!  My son would be giving me away and my parents would be there along with my grandmother Easter and of course it would not be complete without Aunt Tee.  My cousin, Keshia would be my assistant because I know she would get the job done! Eveyone that could come would be there because we would be in a villa large enough to hold everyone including his family.  There are a lot of things that would be different but I couldn't see this vision with anyone other than the man I am marrying now.  So whether I have the dream wedding or court officer, I have what every girl wants, The Man of My Dreams!!

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Well everyone, it is getting closer to that time.  3 weeks and 6 days before I am officially Mrs. Lerton Bowen. My excitement has turned from panic to anticipation back to panic, back to excitement.  I swear everyday is a different feeling.  I am ready one day and then I get so nervous and scared until I don't know what to feel.  My unconditional love for this man never waivers though.  He is, without a doubt, who God was saving and created for me.  He evens me out, if anyone of you reading this understands what that means. lol  My decision making skills have always been hard.  I can have a whole buggy of groceries and get to the register and not purchase one item.  Those of you who know me know that that is just me.  I am a FEELING type of girl.  It has to be an irrevocable choice for me to do something or a very spontaneous act.  Well it can't be spontaneous this time because I have had months to walk away. So this was a very sound decision.  I simply L O V E him. (smiles)  Thinking of him makes me smile and cry all at the same time.  He makes my 40 years seem like the new 20.   I wanted for once in my life to feel the happiness of life I felt when my mom was living.  I was a happy child, spoiled in every sense of the word.  God gave me that happiness again when I met Biggs. So on June 24th, 2012, I will be marrying God's very own gift to me. To God be the glory!!!  

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Since I have never done or even attended a destination wedding, I am having to go by what my heart envisions.  Keep in mind, that my wedding is budget friendly!!! lol  But if it wasn't, this is how I see the layout looking. 

I see tiki torches and candles spreaded all around.  My favorite singer, Jeffrey Osborne, playing softly in the background and the perfect island sunset.

Every time that I think I have gotten everything taken care of for this wedding, something else pops up.  No More Surprises!  I am not a perfectionist but I really want this to be a beautiful day.  I am not an over the top person so I am not wanting an extravagant wedding.  I just want simple and romantic.  I want every part of my wedding day to reflect just how much we love each other.

When you have lost so many love ones in your family, the adding of more becomes even more special.  My mother is gone but Lerton's mom has become like a second mom to me.  She has called many times and welcomed me into their lives as if I were one of her own.  I am eternally greatful for her and his sisters. 

I am deeply sorry that I can't share such an amazing part of my life with my own siblings. It is a decision that I made and have to live with.